Snow Angels and the Seven Earths

Snow Angels

SNOW angels, as far as we know, are only human-made depressions formed in an area of snow in the shape of an angel.

Snow angel making is a classic and fun winter child’s game — adults too can’t resist.

Nearly everyone living in northern latitudes knows about making “snow angels.” If you don’t, or haven’t, here’s the recipe.

The creation of the snow angel is easy. The first step is to find an undisturbed blanket of snow.

The next step is to lie on your back on the newly fallen snow, spreadeagled. Arms and legs are then swept back and forth, creating the winged shape.

The finished creation should have the appearance of an angel, the movement of the arms having formed wings, and that of the legs having formed the dress.

Snow Angel

The trick is always to launch oneself carefully out of the newly formed impression without disturbing the design.

Then, if possible, take giant steps away minimizing any tell-tale footprints — leaving behind, for passers-by to marvel, a glistening angel dropped magically out of heaven!

Amy Sky

This beautiful song is by Amy Sky, Canada’s amazing singer/songwriter – in her words:

With the snowflakes all around feels like heaven’s reaching down to tell us here on earth were not alone.

“When the twilight hour is sparkling
and the city’s all aglow,
come with me my darling
to the place we love to go.
When the frost’s upon the window,
there’s a tingle in your toes,
to the fields of virgin white
for Angels in the snow.
Lying on the frozen ground,
arms go up and legs go down.
How it looks so perfect I don’t know.”

A Mystery Artist

Snow circles, reminiscent of angels, only more perfect — a design masterpiece by what can only be called the mother of all snow angel makers — was discovered this past December 2009 in Hoeven, Holland.

A large arrangement of circles was carved immaculately in undisturbed virgin snow.


Whoever the intelligent circle maker or makers are, they left behind no footprints, nor any visible signs of their presence — only a collection of pristine circles forming the mysterious design, shown partially below.

Mystery Artist

Judging from the similarity, and the enigmatic meaning of the symbology, this was very possibly the handiwork of the world-famous summer circle makers time off.  How else would they satisfy their creative urges in the off-season, having no wheat, corn or barley to bend?  🙂

Surprisingly, circles and geometric shapes of various kinds, though infrequent, have been discovered in non-crop settings for many years. Sand and ice are the most intriguing. Below is an ice circle discovered in Canada.

Delta, Ontario, Ca.

Ice circles have most frequently been observed in Scandinavia and North America, but have also been recorded in Britain and Russia. Want to know more about ice circles? Take a look at the following:

Massive Ice Circles
(14 Photos + 1 Video)

Ice Circles

The New Swirled Order

Harder to explain, and far more controversial, are the thousands of traditional summer crop-circles — found all over the world, but concentrated in the UK. Warm up with this retrospective tour of the phenomena, in a video clip from an interesting German documentary:

What’s Going On?

Anyone who wants to believe all the crop formations are man-made hoaxes, has a long list of anomalies and special circumstances to explain (or, cover up). In 2009 a UK production company was hired by National Geographic TV to produce yet another biased crop circle “documentary.”Most serious crop circle researchers refused to take part,” Nancy Talbott writes. “Bert Janssen’s photos clearly document National Geographic TV deliberately misrepresenting the crop circle phenomenon.”

Largest Formations Yet Reported

Which Secret Doctrine teaching helps explain the circle makers?

The circle makers, we suggest — simply put — are our neighbors from a nearby,  but to us as yet invisible,  field of life and consciousness.

The Earth, like us, is multidimensional. And there are seven subdivisions of each dimension. The subject is complex, but much can be found in The Secret Doctrine – see: (Plurality of Worlds 1:607.)

See also: “The Seven Globes and the Seven Races” (SD 2:605)

But, more from Theosophy later, now back to snowy Holland …

The largest (60m x 52m) formation yet reported in snow, occurred near Hoeven: 21 simple rings, 1 tiny circle & 1 spiraled circle.

Here’s a portion of how Nancy Talbott of the BLT Research Team described this event:

When they arrived at the field around 1:00 am (now Saturday, Dec. 19th) Robbert immediately felt what he described to me as a peaceful, very still, ‘holy’ feeling and heard what he could only describe as sounding like a choir of ‘angels singing’ in the air above the field.

ABBA – “I Believe in Angels”

Click to play:

None of the rings contain footprints or any marks in their centers, and yet most are very circular.

I asked if Ellen heard this too, but Robbert said ‘no’ — it was only he who heard the ‘singing.’ As they walked down from the dike they could both see multiple rings scooped out of the snow-covered field.”

Robbert van den Broeke

The snow which has been somehow removed to create these rings is not piled up around the ring edges — it is simply missing altogether.

Close-up shows no piled-up snow around edges of ring & no footprints.

Two days later . . .

2nd snow formation occurred Monday night, Dec. 21-22, in field adjacent to the first one. This one is longer & contains 35 rings.

New Swirled Order Part 2

The Seven Earths

This idea was taught, at their source, by all religions

The Parsi still teach seven worlds today, and even the Qur’an teaches that Allah created seven earths.

Seven Worlds

The seven worlds, Blavatsky explains in The Secret Doctrine:

… are the seven spheres of the [earth] chain, each presided over by one of the ‘Seven great gods’ of every religion. When the [gods] became degraded and anthropomorphized, the metaphysical ideas [were] nearly forgotten.

A Chain of Worlds

If you remain unconvinced by ice circles, and thousands of documented crop formations, that there is a superior intelligence at work, the below formation made by the crop circle artists in August 2001, might give you pause. It the greatest Crop Circle ever recorded — spanning 800 hundred feet across, has 409 interlocking circles, and is mathematically pristine. For scale, the tiny specs in the center are people visiting. It appeared in the dark of night, on the top of a windy, sloping hill, often used by hang gliding enthusiasts due to its elevation.

The Mother of all crop circles

Ariel landscape view

If Humans Didn’t Make This Who Did, and Why?


The Secret Doctrine (1:605) , postulates that our “conditioned or limited space (location) has no real being except in this world of illusion, or, in other words, in our perceptive faculties,” and “teaches that

… every one of the higher, as of the lower worlds, is interblended with our own objective world — that millions of things and beings are, in point of localization, around and in us, as we are around, with, and in them.


“It is no metaphysical figure of speech,” Blavatsky goes on to say, “but a sober fact in Nature, however incomprehensible to our senses.”

From Gods to men, from Worlds to atoms, from a star to a rush-light, from the Sun to the vital heat of the meanest organic being — the world of Form and Existence is an immense chain, whose links are all connected.

Parallel Universes

The concept is similar to one proposed by William James who coined the term “multiverse” in 1895. The many-worlds interpretation (MWI) is one of several mainstream interpretations of quantum mechanics, and is the foundation of what is called “string theory.”

Parallel Universes

“Accepting quantum physics to be universally true,” argues Max Tegmark, MIT physicist, “means that you should also believe in parallel universes.” Tegmark’s sole postulate is:

All structures that exist mathematically also exist physically.

The “mathematical universe hypothesis” (MUH) suggests, reports Wikipedia, that “worlds corresponding to different sets of initial conditions or to different physical constants be considered real.” If true, then happily, perhaps our childhood dream of Snow Angels is real after all — and snow circles and crop circles into the bargain!

Angel in the snow.

The old philosophers already knew this, H. P. Blavatsky says — for them, all physics had a divine origin:

“Say the Chaldaean Oracles: “The works of nature co-exist with the intellectual noeto, spiritual Light of the Father. For it is the Soul psuche which adorned the great heaven, and which adorns it after the Father.”

‘The incorporeal world then was already completed, having its seat in the Divine Reason,’ says Philo…”

Speculations in Science

Some of the world’s leading physicists believe they have found startling new evidence showing the existence of universes other than our own. These unseen universes exist within our own universe, in what scientists now call “The Multiverse.”

See if you can spot the new theory that most closely resembles what is taught in The Secret Doctrine

The Multiverse

from the Mother of the New Age

“It only stands to reason that the globes which overshadow our Earth must be on different and superior planes,” HPB wrote in The Secret Doctrine 1:166:-

“In short, as Globes, they are in CO-ADUNITION but not IN CONSUBSTANTIALITY WITH OUR EARTH and thus pertain to quite another state of consciousness.”


“One has to understand the phraseology of Occultism before criticising what it asserts, Blavatsky wrote. “For example, the Doctrine refuses (as Science does, in one sense) to use the words ‘above’ and ‘below,’ ‘higher’ and ‘lower,’ in reference to invisible spheres, as being without meaning.”

Perhaps Mandelbrot’s discovery of the mathematical-geometry of fractals, comes the closest to a representing the Theosophical multiverse concept to our intellects.

(For more on fractals, see the related post):

Auguries of God

“Even the terms ‘East’ and ‘West’ are merely conventional, necessary only to aid our human perceptions. For, though the Earth has its two fixed points in the poles, North and South, yet both East and West are variable relatively to our own position on the Earth’s surface — and in consequence of its rotation.”

Theosophical Society Co-founder William Q. Judge wrote explaining HPB’s thesis:

The Earth Chain of Globes

“Hence, when ‘other worlds’ are mentioned — whether better or worse, more spiritual or still more material, though both invisible,” HPB continues — “the Occultist does not locate these spheres either outside or inside our Earth, as the theologians and the poets do. Their location is nowhere in the space known to, and conceived by [us].”

They are, as it were, blended with our world — interpenetrating it and interpenetrated by it.

“. . . In short, as globes, they are in coadunition but not in consubstantiality with our earth, and thus pertain to quite another state of consciousness.” (SD 1:166)

Chain of Globes

“There are millions and millions of worlds and firmaments visible to us — there still greater numbers beyond those visible to the telescopes, and many of the latter kind do not belong to our objective sphere of existence,” HPB asserts. And…

Although as invisible as if they were millions of miles beyond our solar system, they are yet with us, near us, within our own world, as objective and material to their respective inhabitants as ours is to us.

“But, again,” she says, “the relation of these worlds to ours is not that of a series of egg-shaped boxes enclosed one within the other, like the toys called Chinese nests — each is entirely under its own special laws and conditions, having no direct relation to our sphere.”

Nesting Dolls

It Takes Spiritual Sight

The inhabitants of these may be, for all we know, or feel, passing through and around us as if through empty space — their very habitations and countries being interblended with ours, though not disturbing our vision, because we have not yet the faculties necessary for discerning them.

“Yet by their spiritual sight the Adepts, and even some seers and sensitives, are always able to discern, whether in a greater or smaller degree, the presence and close proximity to us of Beings pertaining to other spheres of life,” Mme. Blavatsky concludes:

Those of the (spiritually) higher worlds, communicate only with those terrestrial mortals who ascend to them, through individual efforts, on to the higher plane they are occupying. . . .


“OK, OK, you caught me – I made them!” 😉

Snow Angel Circle Maker?


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