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A Living Web of Life: The Body Electric

Body Electric

THE physical bodies of Man and those in Nature were “created” by beings called Dhyanis, similar to the Elohim of the Bible, says Theosophy:

“Besides the material which will be needed for its future human form, the monad requires

(a) a spiritual model, or prototype, for that material to shape itself into; and

(b) an intelligent consciousness to guide its evolution and progress, neither of which is possessed by the homogeneous monad, or by senseless though living matter.”

“The Occult teaching says, ‘Nothing is created, but is only transformed. Nothing can manifest itself in this universe — from a globe down to a vague, rapid thought — that was not in the universe already; everything on the subjective plane is an eternal IS; as everything on the objective plane is an ever becoming — because transitory.’”

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