The Mysterious Force Ruling Man and Nature

Cirque du Soleil. Dralion

RULING the universe is not gravity, the ‘god’ of modern science, but something much more powerful, and even closer to home.

According to Theosophy, that something is the universal Tibetan god “Fohat” or electromagnetism, but also much more — a conscious electro-spiritual power.

In The Theosophical Glossary Fohat is defined as “the essence of Cosmic Electricity, ‘Daiviprakriti’, Primordial Light, and in the manifested universe it is ‘the ever-present electrical energy and ceaseless destructive and formative power.'”

“Fohat is ever-present and active from the primordial beginnings of a manvantara to its last end, nor does it then actually pass out of existence, but becomes quiescent or latent as it were, sleeping or dormant during the cosmic pralaya.”

“Manvantara is a Sanskrit term that results from a combination of words manu and antara (manu-antara or manvantara), literally meaning the duration of a Manu, or his life span. [or Between Two Manus] — H. P. Blavatsky defines it as ‘a period of manifestation, as opposed to Pralaya (dissolution or rest); the term is applied to various cycles, especially to a Day of Brahma–4,320,000,000 Solar years–and to the reign of one Manu–308,448,000 Solar years.'” [1]

The Magnetic Field

In defiance of modern science’s gravity god, magnetism and electricity are the real universal forces — twin ‘gods’ underpinning nature and the infinite cosmos — from fireflies to galaxies, to the omnipresent atom.

Mainstream physicists are still stuck on gravity to support their dubious ‘standard model.’

Modern Science still insists that gravity alone (a secondary force according to Theosophy) runs the whole universe.

— yet, as with magnetism, standard model science understands very little about either. A little known fact: Popular ideas about the Sun have not fared well under the tests of a scientific theory. The formulators of the standard Sun model worked with gravity, gas laws, and nuclear fusion. But closer observation of the Sun has shown that electrical and magnetic properties dominate solar behavior.” (The Thunderbolts Project)

Coronal Mass Ejection

“Like pearls on a string, stars and planetary bodies form deep in the heart of molecular clouds of gas. Modern science tells us that the minuscule forces of gravity pull these particles together until they ignite as stars, but it fails to explain why. Wallace Thornhill and Ev Cochrane forward a theory of electromagnetic currents, like cosmic lightning, that connect the cosmos and concentrate physical material.” (

“It seems that the Sun does not even ‘respect’ gravity,” the Thunderbolts site reports: “The mass of charged particles expelled by the Sun as the solar wind continues to accelerate beyond Mercury, Venus, and Earth.

Solar prominence does not obey gravity either. Nor does sunspot migration.

“Nor does the movement of the atmosphere, since the upper layers rotate faster than the lower, reversing the situation predicted by theory,” Thunderbolts physicists demonstrate, “while the equatorial atmosphere completes its rotation more rapidly than the atmosphere at higher latitudes, another reversal of predicted motions.” (

The Electric Sun

But back on Earth, a young Serbian schoolgirl amazed doctors with her astonishing magnetic hands, which, like our Sun — following the Hermetic axiom,”as above, so below” — possessed gravity-defying power.  And, as to the Sun, we are dependent for life on the ‘little sun’ in our bodies — the heart.

Just as there is a regular circulation of the ‘blood’ or life fluid throughout our solar system, the Sun is the heart of the solar system.

It is “the same as the circulation of the blood in the human body or life,” says occult science  — “the Sun contracting as rhythmically at every return of it, as the human heart does.”

(The Solar Theory, The Secret Doctrine 1:541)

Serbian school girl Jelena Momicilov

“Everything in the universe follows the rule of analogy,” Blavatsky assures her readers in The Secret Doctrine (1:177). “Man is the microcosm of the Universe:

Concretion follows the lines of abstraction; corresponding to the highest must be the lowest; the material to the spiritual.

That which takes place on the spiritual plane repeats itself on the Cosmic plane:

Magnetic Children

Ten-year-old Jelena Momcilov has been picking up cutlery, coins and even metal furniture by just touching them at her family home in Zeljusa, since she first discovered her powers five years ago.

However, her hands don’t attract only metal, but all objects! She also attracts wood and plastic, and can even lift small chairs by touching them with her palm.

“Despite exceptional abilities, Jelena Momciloc from Zeljus, Serbia, lives like a normal child,” it is reported in the Serbian press. “She has the unusual ability to attract objects like a real magnet and sees her ability as some sort of a game.”

Magnetic girl attracts objects with her palms:

Jelena Momciloc, Magnet Girl

Jelena Momciloc raising a fork.

According to Serbian media she is being observed by professor Pavle Premović of the University of Niš, but so far there are no further results of his evaluation on the case.

When Jelena held the hand of Uros, a kid from her neighborhood, metal objects stuck to his hand as well. As soon as she let go, the object fell off. The reporter asked her to repeat this, and she did. Three times. And, she’s not alone in the world.

The Electric Universe

Gravity is mathematically incompatible with the quantum laws that govern subatomic particles, and that “leaves 95 percent of the universe unexplained” contends Dennis Overbye in the New York Times: What Is Gravity, Really?

For all its intimacy,
it is a mystery.

“According to what has recently become a highly celebrated ”standard model,” ordinary atoms make up only 5 percent of the ‘stuff’ of the cosmos. Some kind of mysterious dark matter, perhaps consisting of elementary particles left over from the Big Bang, makes up 25 percent, while the rest — a whopping 70 percent — consists of something even more mysterious, known as ‘dark energy.’

“Obviously a theory that leaves 95 percent of the universe unexplained is less than a complete triumph.”

In her opus magnum The Secret Doctrine 1:490 – Is Gravitation a Law? H. P. Blavatsky made the startling statement that gravity is not a force of nature: “Well; what is finally that invisible and intangible God in whom we should believe on blind faith? Astronomers who see in gravitation an easy-going solution for many things, and an universal force which allows them to calculate thereby planetary motions, care little about the Cause of Attraction.

They call Gravity a law, a cause in itself. We call the forces acting under that name effects, and very secondary effects, too. One day it will be found that the scientific hypothesis does not answer after all.

“There is such a thing as attraction and repulsion, and in occultism it stands in the place of gravity, the scientific teachings about which we reject.”

According to Blavatsky, the agent behind the phenomenon of attraction and repulsion is Fohat (also known as the ‘fiery whirlwind’), whose chief manifestation on the physical plane is electricity and magnetism.

Galactic Electrical Circuits

No Isolated Islands

“From the smallest particle to the largest galactic formation, a web of electrical circuitry connects and unifies all of nature, organizing galaxies, energizing stars, giving birth to planets and, on our own world, controlling weather and animating biological organisms. There are no isolated islands in an electric universe.”

David Talbott and Wallace Thornhill:
The Electric Universe

“The last 150 years have seen immense progress in understanding electrical phenomena, and we are seeing voluminous evidence of plasma and magnetic fields (always caused by electric currents) in space.”

Critiquing Mainstream Science

Nevertheless, the conventional cosmology taught today remains essentially a theory based solely on gravity and nuclear fusion.

“The Electric Universe introduces the universe that many in mainstream science ignore, and authors Wallace Thornhill and David Talbott offer a sweeping critique of today’s popular cosmology.

“In this groundbreaking paper Wal Thornhill introduces a new Theory of Everything: The Electric Universe. Set aside everything you think you know about all things great and small because the ideas presented here overturn it all. Was there a big bang? Not likely. Einstein’s Relativity? Doesn’t hold up. Is the Sun a thermonuclear fusion reactor which will eventually run out of fuel and burn out? Nope. Are there black holes? No such thing. What about dark matter and dark energy? Forget about that nonsense and start learning about the science of the 21st century.

The Electric Universe is the only coherent cosmology that has correctly predicted and explained discoveries in the space age.

“The twin pillars of big bang cosmology—Einstein’s theories of relativity and quantum theory—are incompatible, so we cannot use them as a foundation for a real model of the universe. We must discard so-called modern physics and return to the classical physics of a century ago. This, perhaps, is the greatest hurdle—to discard our training and prejudices and approach the problem with a beginner’s mind.”

More: The Electric Universe Heresy


Solar Dynamics Observatory

“They show that galaxies, stars (including our Sun), and comets can be best understood through the well-tested behavior of electricity — the one force about which astronomers seem to know almost nothing,

a force that is 10:36 or more times as strong as gravity.

Electrical Laws

“The Oriental sage admits gravity, if one wishes to adopt the term,” W. Q. Judge explains in The Ocean of Theosophy, “but the real term is attraction, the other half of the law being expressed by the word repulsion”:

and both being governed by the great laws of electrical force.

The ‘law’ of gravity, as proposed by the standard model of Science, Judge also explains in the same chapter of The Ocean of Theosophy, “is only half of a law.”

The Electric Universe – Information they don’t want you to know about:


The mystery of ‘levitation’ is explained by this definition of gravity, W. Q. Judge again declares in the Ocean of Theosophy, because weight and stability depend on polarity,

and when the polarity of an object is altered in respect to the earth immediately underneath it, then the object may rise.

The word ‘polarity’ of course refers to the idea that something has ‘poles’ — which is the fundamental property of both magnetism and electricity.

A Shaman Levitating


Again on gravity, H. P. Blavatsky asks: “How can Science presume to know anything certain of it?”

How can Science “maintain its position and its hypotheses against those of the occultists who see gravity,” she says, “as only sympathy and antipathy, or attraction and repulsion,

… caused by physical polarity on our terrestrial plane, and by spiritual causes outside of its influence.

H. P. Blavatsky, “The Masks of Science”

Human Magnet Liew Thow Lin

Mysterious Anomalies

In Malaysia, Liew Thow Lin (above) is known as the Human Magnet. He can make metal objects, weighing up to 2kg, stick to his skin.

He is a scientific mystery because there is no trace of a magnetic field around his body. Scientists say his skin is also normal and there is no explanation for his unusual talent.

No Gravity

Another mystery is the case of “the human magnet” Aurel Raileanu (see below), researchers concluded that there “was no gravity (as we know it) involved” in the phenomenon.

Living in an electromagnetic universe seems to involve some special adjustments to allow a “normal” life for the majority of us.

For magnetic mystery man Aurel Raileanu, a Romanian hospital worker, it was found that “just about anything will stick to him like glue” — a glitch in his fine-tuning for which there is apparently no reset button.

Aurel Raileanu

Known as The Human Magnet, ‘his ability totally defies the laws of physics,’ Dr. Carol Cooper says, ‘and of biology to boot.’

Aurel, a physical therapist who helps people to recover after accidents, was not deterred that the experts couldn’t detect any magnetism.

Aurel Raileanu

“I think these findings just
add to the mystery,” Aurel says.

A reasonable idea since, if normal gravity is not directly detectable, why would its variations be? You decide.

“Sticky Skin”?

H. P. Blavatsky Reports

“If any of us now-a-days ventures to relate some weird experience or seemingly incomprehensible phenomenon,” H. P. Blavatsky remarks sarcastically in her article Nature’s Human Magnets:

... the scientist cries ‘I have unraveled all Nature’s skein, and the thing is impossible — this is no age for miracles!’


Magnetic Man

In her article, she goes on to recount several “weird” experiences with a young Russian orphan girl, Pelagueya, and quotes from the St. Petersburg Gazette:

The young lady seems to have concentrated in her extremities a phenomenal abundance of magnetic aura —


Young Human Magnet

—thanks to which, she communicates instantaneously to the objects surrounding her hitherto unheard and unseen phenomenal motions.


Mme. Blavatsky again describes in her article Nature’s Human Magnets a magnetic mystery boy in America “whose system appears to be also abnormally charged with vital magnetism. “Metal articles of light weight attach themselves to his hand,” she reported, “so that considerable force is required to remove them.”

Knives, pins, needles, buttons, etc., enough to cover his hand, will thus attach themselves so firmly that they cannot be shaken off. The attraction is so strong that a common coalscuttle can be lifted by it…

Misha Dulnyavka

“A Ukrainian boy attracts spoons and forks by an unseen force. The boy repeatedly tried to draw the attention of his family to the fact that he could attract a teaspoon to his face. His parents refused to believe their son who told them that spoons and forks could ‘stick’ to his face. The parents were astounded after watching the phenomenon with their own eyes. Now they consider filing an application for the Guinness Book of Records.”

See more here:

Misha Dulnyavka

There is nothing whatever of supernatural in the cases. Why this happens is, we conceive, quite capable of explanation — but as this would take us too far afield in the less commonly known region of occult science.

– H. P. Blavatsky, Nature’s Human Magnets

H.P. Blavatsky, 1876-1878

H.P. Blavatsky, 1876-1878

The “God” Gravity


Well — what is finally that invisible and intangible God in whom we should believe on blind faith? Astronomers who see in gravitation an easy-going solution for many things, and an universal force which allows them to calculate thereby planetary motions, care little about the Cause of Attraction. They call Gravity a law, a cause in itself. We call the forces acting under that name effects, and very secondary effects, too. One day it will be found that the scientific hypothesis does not answer after all.

2 responses to “The Mysterious Force Ruling Man and Nature

  1. Thank you so much for this post, TW, wonderful, another one I feel I want to come back to over and over, so much amazing information to learn from. I am still, I suppose quite childishly, amazed at Science’s stubborn refusal to go beyond the physical, but I remember reading that science is “our ally”, and in time will go beyond the boundary. In the SD, pgs.292-293 the explanation on Fohat manifested as the 7 Shaktis in the Occult Aphorisms, HPB talks about how science is almost completely unfamiliar with most of the 7, vaguely familiar with only a couple of them, wondering how far they’ve come since she wrote of them. you so very much for the message from Joy Mills, saved this one. I remember hearing her lecture, and this is particularly important to me….I wonder..can you inherit the ability to be a magnet? Is that even the right way to put it? And does that have any meaning for the contemporary metaphysical view about magnetizing? These children, having great fun with their ability, certainly must have something to handle as they grow older, but a parent with the same ability must offset a sense of being unusual, an outsider, given how kids want to belong. Watching the African Shaman, (incredible) I remember that Transcendental Meditation teaches people how to levitate. We know the Shaman is seeking to lead his community by tapping in, but I wondered what the value was as part of the meditation course. But I guess, showing people how they can transcend difficulty in their lives isn’t altogether a waste. NAMASTE ❤️🙏🏾 😌


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