Ancient thought in modern dress

This site is posted by dedicated “Theosophy Watchers.” Some of us even admit to being “Blavatsky Bulldogs”!

We’ve tasked ourselves to monitor the world of science, religion, philosophy, consciousness and the arts, for emerging signs that point back to ancient universal verities, articulated so profoundly by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky in her life’s writings and work.


Ancient esoteric wisdom teaches that the world was in the beginning “of one lip” and one universal, spiritual religion and science. Founder of the modern Theosophical movement, Blavatsky writes: “the recognition of pure Theosophy — the philosophy of the rational explanation of things and not the tenets — is of the most vital importance — it alone can furnish the beacon-light needed to guide humanity on its true path.”

“‘The whole earth was of one lip and of one speech,’ saith chapter XI of Genesis. Read esoterically, this means that mankind had one universal doctrine, a philosophy, common to all; and that men were bound by one religion. … In those days temples were sites of learning, not of superstition — priests taught divine Wisdom, not man-invented dogmas, and the ultima thule of their religious activity did not centre in the contribution box, as at present.”

The Babel of Modern Thought

“And these principles are those of modern Theosophy,” Blavatsky wrote, “because they are universal ethics, and were practiced and expounded by Buddha and Confucius, Krishna and Milarepa, and all the great Sages throughout the millennia. Hence, when we live up to such Theosophy, it becomes a universal panacea indeed!”

“Practical Theosophy is not one Science, but embraces every science in life, moral and physical. It may, in short, be justly regarded as the universal “coach,” a tutor of world-wide knowledge and experience, and of an erudition which not only assists and guides his pupils toward a successful examination for every scientific or moral service in earthly life, but fits them for the lives to come, if those pupils will only study the universe and its mysteries within themselves, instead of studying them through the spectacles of orthodox science and religions.”

Is Theosophy a Religion?

We actively seek to discover signs of the Theosophical Wisdom Tradition, as expressed in the words, ideas and activities of the world’s modern thought leaders. as a means to reveal, in Mme. Blavatsky’s words, ancient thought in modern dress, and to offer it on the altar of humanity’s consciousness.

Opinions and perspectives articulated by the editors of Theosophy Watch articles are not necessarily those of the Founders of the Theosophical Movement, nor do our views of Theosophy Watch necessarily reflect those of a given Theosophical organization or association.

Hypatia and Theon

We bring to the reader our best efforts in sharing current events and discoveries that excite and inspire us, because they have their roots in the original, ancient Theosophical teachings — re-introduced to the world by Madame Blavatsky, and her colleague, and co-Founder William Q. Judge.

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