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Atlantis Ascending 2

MESSING with the unforgiving physical forces of nature challenging thirty-foot waves can be both exhilarating and deadly.

Similarly, ignorantly engaging paranormal forces and entities in black magic can have devastating personal consequences.

In our last post about the Atlanteans we touched on their increasing predilection to consciously develop and use powers of the dark side.

Another extreme behavior by the giants of those later day Atlanteans, the Teachings say, involved engaging in sex with animals.

Those unnatural sexual unions, The Secret Doctrine says, resulted in “lower races of men, now represented on earth by a few miserable dying-out tribes, and the huge anthropoid apes.”


Over long ages these behaviors irretrievably compromised the Atlantean spirituality. They were an ungodly mess in the end.

The final outcome of this was that the Atlanteans lost the power of their Third Eye, and nature sent many of that humanity for a long timeout to Davy Jones’ Locker.

The  mental and visual, psychic and spiritual perceptions of the Atlanteans lasted until nearly the end. Its functions, Blavatsky wrote,

“… owing to the materiality and depraved condition of mankind, died out altogether before the submersion of the bulk of the Atlantean continent.”

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