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Instant Karma and the Revolutionary Case of Bridey Murphy

THEOSOPHY students of a certain agebridey_murphy_moviemight remember the famous and mysterious  1950’s reincarnation case of “Bridey Murphy.”

We re-present it now briefly in keeping with our blog’s subhead, the heading created by H. P. Blavatsky in The Secret Doctrine, i.e. “Ancient thought in modern dress.”

The hypnotist  Morey Bernstein of Pueblo, Colorado, was working with one of his clients, a twenty-nine-year old housewife and mother named Virginia Tighe when, during one of their sessions, she spoke with the voice and memories of a nineteenth-century Irishwoman named Bridey Murphy.

With this case, the reincarnation genii jumped right out of its metaphysical bottle and into popular consciousness.

This case was, and still is, a powerful reinforcement of the theoretical teaching of Reincarnation — not just leaving the idea hanging intellectually, dogmatically, and blindly, in the minds of modern students. Bernstein’s book about the case was a sensational best seller in 1956, followed by equally wildly popular movies.

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