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Across Time and Death: A Woman Reunites with Her Children from a Previous Lifetime

Jenny CockellIT is not the fact that we have failed to remember our past life and lives that ought to surprise us, but the contrary, were it to happen.

Yet the Spiritual “I” in man is omniscient, Theosophy insists, and has every knowledge innate in it. 

By contrast, the personal “I” is the transient creature of its environment and the slave of brain memory.

“Could the Spiritual I manifest itself uninterruptedly, and without impediment,” H. P. Blavatsky declared, “there would be no longer ordinary humans on earth, but we should all be gods.”

Revealing the first principle of an occult spiritual technique, Mme. Blavatsky wrote (The Key to Theosophy, Section 8): “to get convinced of the fact of re-incarnation and past lives, one must put oneself in rapport with one’s real permanent Ego, not one’s evanescent [brain] memory.”

Jenny with oldest son Sonny

Jenny and Sonny

“The record or reflection of all past lives must survive,” she assures her readers, “for when Prince Siddhartha became Buddha the full sequence of His previous births were seen by Him — and anyone who attains to that spiritual state can retrospectively trace the line of their lives.”

This is because “the undying qualities of the personality — such as love, goodness, charity, etc. — attach themselves to the Immortal Ego.


“They imprint on it, so to speak,
a permanent image of the divine qualities
of the human who was.”

Therefore, she says plainly: “something of each personality must survive, (unless the latter was an absolute materialist with not even a chink in his nature for a spiritual ray to pass through.) It leaves its eternal impress on the incarnating permanent Self or Spiritual Ego — and that real ‘Ego’ has lived them, and thus knows them all.”


As Mme. Blavatsky’s colleague William Q. Judge wrote in the article Theosophical Study and Work: “There is a mysterious power in these doctrines of karma and reincarnation … It is due to the fact that the ego is itself the experiencer of rebirth and karma, and has within a clear recollection of both.”

On fostering a greater spiritual development, Judge, in The Ocean of Theosophy, Chapter 8 titled “Of Reincarnation” wrote simply:

“Getting back the memory of other lives is really the whole of the process…”

“For as long as she could remember, Jenny Cockell had felt she had lived a former life as Mary Sutton,” an Amazon reviewer wrote. “Finally, Jenny acted on her intense need to find her lost family. After years of painstaking searching, she finally reunited with family members from her previous lifetime. This is her startling, true story.”

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Natalie Sudman’s Near Death Experience

“TIME is only an illusion produced by the succession of our states of consciousness as we travel through eternal duration.

“It does not exist where no consciousness exists in which the illusion can be produced—but ‘lies asleep.’

“The present is only a mathematical line which divides that part of eternal duration which we call the future, from that part which we call the past.

“Nothing on earth has real duration, for nothing remains without change — or the same — for the billionth part of a second.

“The real person or thing does not consist solely of what is seen at any particular moment, but is composed of the sum of all its various and changing conditions from its appearance in the material form to its disappearance from the earth. It is these ‘sum-totals’ that exist from eternity in the ‘future,’ and pass by degrees through matter, to exist for eternity in the ‘past.’

“Persons and things, which, dropping out of the to-be into the has-been, out of the future into the past — present momentarily to our senses, a cross-section of their total selves, as they pass through time and space (as matter) on their way from one eternity to another. And these two constitute that ‘duration’ in which alone anything has true existence, were our senses but able to cognize it there.”

(The Secret Doctrine 1:37 – Time and Universal Mind)

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