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Journey to The Heart

WHEN our Mothers welcomed us back in the house after a long day outside at play, we knew there would be a loving meal waiting for us.

There would also be a soothing bath and a bedtime story. Clean pajamas and sheets were as much Mother’s rule as her unconditional love.

Nature also knows how to care for her human children, but perhaps in these modern, distracting times we have stayed away, and played outside too long.

Enduring our self-created darkness of separation and materialism, Great Nature has always waited patiently for our return home.

Is it because we forget that nature and humanity are really One Being, that we lose our way?

In these often dark times of spirit, we may have overlooked the Golden Rule, or resisted helping others, instead of living unselfishly and harmlessly.

Disease, poverty, hunger and the rise of environmental blights are, it seems, the inevitable result of separation from humanity’s natural, unified state.

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