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Travel Light

CHINESE doctors described more than 5000 years ago, hundreds of energy meridians in the human body. When these pathways were unblocked and reactivated, people were quickly healed.

Today that ancient system of healing is called acupuncture. And  many practitioners are tapping, literally, into this natural healing system of the body without needles, using only their hands.

Ordinary people are learning how to master all the “mental changes” in themselves, as taught by The Voice of the Silence.

More importantly, we learn how to “harmless make” the stubborn thought and emotional issues that plague us and cause physical and psychological illness.

The phenomena an object lesson in what Einstein meant when he famously wrote“We can’t solve problems, by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

Instead the old thought forms blocking the flow of natural energies in our system have to be cleared. As we free ourselves from old habits of thinking, we come to recognize our hand in the problems they cause.

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Nothing to Lose

THE classic struggle between hero and villain, the “good guys vs the bad guys,” is a staple of our entertainment and literary culture.

Without this persistent duality, there would never have been Hercules, Batman, Spiderman or Superman — or the Lone Ranger on his white horse Silver.

Nor would we be enjoying productions of Macbeth or Hamlet, or any of the riveting psychological dramas of Shakespeare.

Daytime television, also, would be soap-free. (Hey, can’t you leave us with something?) Continue reading