Conscious Without A Brain

CONSCIOUSNESS is still considered, by most neuroscientists, to be located and created entirely in our physical brain tucked safely inside our skulls.

This persistent worldview is reinforced by our body language in describing thinking, by people pointing upward to their heads.

But native cultures never engaged in such scientific skull-duggery.

The Native American view, according to tradition, always deferred with hand over the heart to that revered organ as the real seat of the moving force thought.

Ritual divination, mythical Norn, and crystal ball were not required.

Confusing matters even more are the familiar ‘gut-feelings’ we often have, seeming thoughts that recent studies show are more often than not accurate depictions of a situation, condition, person’s character, or even foretelling of some future event.

Undeterred, many neuroscientists continue to diligently catalog what they insist are ‘the neural correlates of consciousness’ in our brain, and seem determined to prove those billions of correlates are the creators of our thoughts and feelings, located exclusively in the fatty workshop between our ears.

In their view when we die everything disappears forever — including our soul and our individual ‘I am I’ awareness. But this reductionist view of mind and consciousness is losing favor with many research scientists on the leading edge today, and is about to radically change.

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Miracle Mind

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