The Soul of Things: Spirit and Matter are One

Spirit and Matter

DESPITE our general human insanity H. P. Blavatsky saw a deeper picture of a world preparing for greater normalcy, insisting she heard a more enlightened humanity “raising its voice.”

With an insight decades ahead of the time, her declaration clearly saw and expected a kinder, gentler New Age to come.

The voice of the new humanity was described in her article The Tidal Wave writing how “the Spirit in man has returned like King Lear, from seeming insanity to its senses.”

Humanity today is transitioning as she envisioned, with thousands of New Age movements speaking “in those authoritative tones to which the men of old listened in reverential silence through incalculable ages.” She was not the first to anticipate the arrival of a newly awakened humanity.

In the long past humankind had listened to their inner spiritual voice, she says, but “failed because they were too

deafened by the din and roar of civilization and culture, they could hear it no longer.

But now “look around you and behold,” writing as if she were living today, and “think of what you see and hear, and draw therefrom your conclusions.”

Problem was, Mme. Blavatsky could see into the future reflected in the Astral Matrix, but who of us today can claim do so? Probably she was referencing the future affect Theosophical ideas would have on the world.

“If every eight-year-old is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.” – Dalai Lama

What must have been a difficult sell in her time, Blavatsky nevertheless boldly maintained that “the age of crass materialism, of Soul insanity and blindness, is swiftly passing away” — an idea still not easy to recognize. More like her next description:

A death struggle between Mysticism and Materialism is no longer at hand, but is already raging.

True knowledge, Plato’s Nous, comes slowly and is not easily acquired, says Theosophy.

A Nous for Now

“The world has changed in some remarkable ways,” says Marilyn Schlitz, PhD, President emeritus of the Institute of Noetic Sciences. “Many of the ideas that were considered heresy or radical have now come into the mainstream.”

Science and God

-William Q. Judge
The Synthesis of Occult Science

“We are now in a transition period, and … there will be a revival of genuine philosophy,” wrote W. Q. Judge, Theosophical Society Co-Founder.

“The Secret Doctrine points where the lines of evolution and involution meet,” he wrote. “Where matter and spirit clasp hands — and where the rising animal stands face to face with the fallen god — for all natures meet and mingle in man.”

“The Secret Doctrine will be the basis of the ‘New Philosophy,’ he predicted, and “science today already treads so close to the borders of occult philosophy that it

will not be possible to prevent the new age from entering the occult realm.

“There have been many philosophizers in modern times, but there can be but one philosophy, one synthesis of the whole of Eternal Nature. With the single exception of the writings of Plato, no one in modern times had given to the Western world any approximation to a complete philosophy, previous to the appearance of H. P. Blavatsky’s Secret Doctrine.

The Secret Doctrine

“The writings of Plato are carefully veiled in the symbolical language of initiation. The Secret Doctrine, coming more than two millenniums later, and in an age of so-called Science, is addressed to the Scientific thought of the age and hence considers the whole subject largely from the stand-point of Science. The present age is as deficient in philosophy as was the age of Plato in knowledge of science.”

Why Does Consciousness Exist?

“Today, perhaps the ultimate unsolved mystery of human life is: how and why does consciousness exist? Although some scientific literature still acknowledges that the question remains open, the overwhelming consensus among neuroscientists today is that the brain alone creates conscious experience.

But in her article Psychic and Noetic Action, Blavatsky agreeably quoted the eminent scientist George Ladd:

The assumption that the mind is a real being, which can be acted upon by the brain, and which can act on the body through the brain, is the only one compatible with all the facts of experience. — George T. Ladd, in the Elements of Physiological Psychology

“For decades, acclaimed scientists around the world have conducted research into consciousness that provides a very similar picture. One of the most remarkable of these researchers is Dr. Gary Schwartz, professor of psychology, medicine, neurology, psychiatry and surgery at the University of Arizona and director of its Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health. Dr. Schwarts was asked for his thoughts on the mystery of consciousness.”

A Lost Doctrine

There was a time when the whole world, the totality of mankind, had one religion,” Blavatsky writes — the whole of humanity “were of ‘one lip.’”

‘All the religions of the Earth were at first One and emanated from one centre,’ says Faber very truly.

“The Druids believed in the rebirth of man … in a series of re-incarnations in this same world — as Diodorus says, they declared that the souls of men, after determinate periods, would pass into other bodies.”

The Druids

Thus, by the close of the 19th Century, Theosophy had built a foundation for the ‘new age’ recognized today.

The Agnostic would be tutored by the Gnostic, Religion by Reason, Physics by Metaphysics. It was a time that tested the soul of things.

It was a clarion call to altruism and the regeneration of mankind— exhorting both entrenched science and religion to end their combative ways and join in cooperation towards a higher synthesis.

Consciousness Matters

The theory of mind should be “put back into physics,” says Dr. Dean Radin, Senior Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences. “Many neuroscientists today believe we’re a giant clockwork machine,” he says. “There is an illusion of mind, but that’s all it is.

What they don’t answer, then, is: who is having the illusion?


The Soul of Things

When H. P. Blavatsky wrote “Modern science believes not in the ‘soul of things, and will reject the whole system of ancient cosmogony,” she also pointed to initiated seers whose

… flashing gaze penetrated into the very kernel of matter, and recorded the soul of things there.


Spiritual Seer

The record of those “thousands of generations of Seers” survives today in the teachings of Theosophy— and in the fearless explorer-hearts of numerous frontier thinkers.

The world’s great age begins anew,
The golden days return,
The earth doth like a snake renew
Her winter weeds outworn.

– Shelly


“Prove It”

In the 1997 movie “Contact” scientist Ellie Arroway challenges popular preacher Palmer Joss to prove the existence of God.  🙂

One Unity

Blavatsky asserted the fundamental principle upon which all the transcendent, soul-based sciences are rooted:

The opposite poles of subject and object, spirit and matter, are but aspects of the One Unity in which they are synthesized.


Buddha Garden of Meditation

Spirit and matter are inseparable, Blavatsky noted, stating that “Spirit (or Consciousness) and Matter are not to be regarded as independent realities, but [rather] as the two facets or aspects

… of the Absolute (Parabrahm), which constitute the basis of conditioned Being, whether subjective or objective.

Group Consciousness

The Global Consciousness Project is a scientific project using random number generators to measure universal thought and feeling trends around the world – (Coherent consciousness creates order in the world – Subtle interactions link us with each other and the Earth.)

After hundreds of events, proof of the existence of a ‘global mind’ seems to be well established. The below video clip featuring Roger Nelson, Ph. D, an experimental psychologist, is taken from the Renée Scheltema film “Something Unknown is Doing We Don’t Know What.”

Man’s Rightful Place

One of H. P. Blavatsky’s most memorable keynotes occurs in the Preface to The Secret Doctrine reads: “The aim of this work may be thus stated: show that Nature is not ‘a fortuitous concurrence of atoms,’ and to assign to man his rightful place in the scheme of the Universe.

H. P. Blavatsky the amanuensis of occult wisdom, the preserver of the hidden spiritual life she knew to be inseparable from the material world — always pointed towards an eternal, conscious and evolutionary soul within and around all things and beings.

An Evolutionary Soul

“The occultist maintains that Spirit and Matter are two FACETS of the unknowable UNITY,” she went on to write. The apparent differences between them were due, she said, to:

the various degrees of differentiation of [matter], and on the grades of consciousness attained by man himself.

We’re All Connected

Lynne McTaggart is a best-selling author, researcher and lecturer whose work has rightly been described as “a bridge between science and spirituality.”

For the past 20 years, Lynne has been studying the world condition and future, its shortcomings, and what this means for us and the societies we live in.


Lynn McTaggart

She says that “life in every form should be embraced. The thought of what you were put on this Earth to do, the thing that makes you joyful, makes you feel you are connecting with the Absolute — it could be anything. Thoughts can influence the world around us, especially with healing.”

“If every eight-year-old is taught meditation,
we will eliminate violence from the world
within one generation.”

– The Dalai Lama



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