Eggs of Ostara

THE COSMOS in the form of an egg was the most widely diffused belief of antiquity.

The Egg was incorporated as a sacred sign in the cosmogony of every people on the Earth, and was revered both on account of its form and its inner mystery.

The gradual development of the invisible germ within the closed shell, the inward working, without any apparent outward interference of force, symbolized the origin and secret of Being.

From a latent “nothing” was produced an active something, needing only heat. Gradually evolving and breaking its own shell, the creature appeared to be a self-generated, and a self-created being.

This must have been a standing miracle from the beginning!

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Origins of Easter

3 responses to “Eggs of Ostara

  1. Great Post!
    Thought you might enjoy my Eostre machinima,featuring Lisa Thiel’s Ostara song.
    bright blessings


  2. Lynette Scott

    Easter always had a mysterious, deep, and very moving meaning for me. I remember reading in a children’s theosophy book about Eostra and Easter. For me, Easter time is the real sacred and most meaningful of the Christian holidays….and it is the most misunderstood. All the ancient celebrations around the Vernal Equinox just reinforce the true meaning of this pivotal time of year.


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