Life Goes On

BETWEEN Science and Theology is a bewildered public, fast losing all belief in man’s personal immortality, in a deity of any kind, and rapidly descending to the level of materialism.

From the remotest antiquity, mankind as a whole have always been convinced of the existence of a personal spiritual entity, within the personal physical man.

This inner entity was more or less divine, according to its proximity to the crown—Chrestos [Christos, The Higher Self].

The closer the union, the more serene man’s destiny, and the less dangerous the external conditions. This belief is neither bigotry nor superstition, only an ever-present, instinctive feeling of the proximity of another spiritual and invisible world.

This world, though it be subjective to the senses of the outward man, is perfectly objective to the inner ego.


The foregoing words were written in Isis Unveiled, (Ch. 12) by H. P. Blavatsky her first first major work on Theosophy—examining religion and science in the light of Western and Oriental ancient wisdom, and occult and spiritualistic phenomena.

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What It’s like to Die

The Vision of Er



One response to “Life Goes On

  1. I have no problem believing in life on the other side. One day I was called to go to the ICU at the hospital. The gal I went to see had been stabbed 30+ times and was not expected to live. I got to her room in time to see the heart monitor go straight. I knew her spirit had left the body. One quick check of her pulse, there was none. Then I departed. I left the room went down a path, met by an elderly looking man and he led me to a rock where the lady who had just departed sat. Only she didn’t have any swelling or horrible looking face from her stabbing. She was healed. I told her no matter what brought this situation on, of her being stabbed, she was forgiven and that her 3 children really needed their mommy. I reached out for her hand and asked her if she would go back with me…..this box isn’t big enough for the rest of the story!!! But how did I know I was going back?? I had not died……..


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