Supernormal Science: Evidence for Extraordinary Psychic Abilities



COHERENT consciousness creates order in the world, and subtle interactions link us with each other and the Earth. 

According to H. P. Blavatsky, “the ‘separateness’ which we feel between ourselves and the world of living beings around us is an illusion, not a reality.”

“We intend to prove,” she wrote in her article Kosmic Mind, “that modern science … is itself on the eve of discovering that consciousness is universal.”

The Third Object of the Theosophical Movement “the Investigation of the unexplained laws of nature and the psychical powers latent in man,” intended to establish, according to the Founder H. P. Blavatsky, that “the ‘separateness’ which we feel between ourselves and the world of living beings around us is an illusion, not a reality.”

The mechanism of this underlying universal reality, W. Q. Judge wrote in The Ocean of Theosophy (Ch. 16), is the handiwork of a sensitive psychic matrix, called “the astral light,” which can transmit “pictures of events to come” — but only if the creations “are sufficiently well marked and made.”

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Events for several years to come, “the producing and efficient causes,” Judge wrote, “are always laid down with enough definiteness to permit the seer to see them in advance, as if they were present.”

“It is a faculty common to all men,” Judge comments, “though in the majority but slightly developed.”

“Occultism asserts,” he wrote, “that were it not for the germ of this power slightly active in every one, no man could convey to another any idea whatsoever.”

Summoner by crimsonvermillion

Using the psi power, often called ‘clairvoyance,’ “all images stored in the Astral Light,” Judge wrote in The Ocean of Theosophy

“pass before the inner vision and are reflected into the physical eye from within. They then appear objectively to the seer.”

It was the “flashing gaze” of “countless generations” of initiated seers and prophets, H. P. Blavatsky declared in The Secret Doctrine (1:272), that penetrated “into the very kernel of matter, and recorded the soul of things there.” Those facts, established using the same method of modern science, were to become the perennial teachings furthered by modern Theosophy.

Those early wise men, she noted, “had passed their lives in learningnot teaching. How did they do so? It is answered: by checking, testing, and verifying in every department of nature the traditions of old by the independent visions of great adepts; i.e., men who have developed and perfected their physical, mental, psychic, and spiritual organisations to the utmost possible degree.

“No vision of one adept was accepted till it was checked and confirmed by the visions — so obtained as to stand as independent evidence — of other adepts, and by centuries of experiences.” This checking, testing, verifying and confirming is the method supposed to be used by modern Science. Seeking the facts wherever they may be found.

Remote Viewing

In this video interview, Russell Targ, the reputed godfather of ‘Remote Viewing,’ is interviewed by New Realities host Alan Steinfeld. Seeing into the Astral Light, as shown, is not limited to the global, but every person is surrounded by his own ‘astral light,’ which can be accessed by the sensitive, and ‘remotely viewed.’ This verifies a germ of “seership” shared by almost everyone to some degree.


“If they are of past events or those to come, the picture only is seen,” Judge wrote, “if of events actually then occurring, the scene is perceived through the Astral Light by the inner sense.”

“In ordinary eye vision,” he says, “the vibrations are given to the eye first and then transmitted to the brain.”

Unlike ordinary seeing, the waking clairvoyant sight is communicated “to the brain first, from which it is transmitted to the physical eye, where it sets up an image upon the retina.”

Using the analogy of an analog recording, a new technology at the time, Judge notes that the system is made to

“vibrate exactly as the voice had vibrated when thrown into the receiver.”

“Images and sounds are both caused by vibrations, and hence any sound, once made, is preserved in the Astral Light from whence the inner sense can take it. From within it is transmitted to the brain, from which it reaches the physical ear.”

Astral Ears

“So in clairaudience at a distance the hearer does not hear with the ear, but with the center of hearing in the Astral body.”

“Second-sight is a combination of clairaudience and clairvoyance or not, as the case may be. The frequency with which future events are seen by the second-sight seer, adds an element of prophecy.”

“The highest order of clairvoyance, that of spiritual vision, is very rare.”

Clairvoyance is a French word meaning clear vision. “This word is used to describe the ability to gain information other than through normal channels most people use to get information.”

“In most cases, it refers to the ability to see things that occurred in the past or in the future and to see things that may be happening now, away from the Clairvoyant’s actual physical presence.”

Global Mind

The Global Consciousness Project is an international collaboration of scientists, engineers, and artists. They maintain a global network that has been collecting data continuously since 1998 from sensitive instruments which produce random sequences. Their purpose is to examine subtle correlations and structure in the data that seem to reflect the presence and activity of consciousness in the world.

Looking at major global events including both tragedies and celebrations, they have learned that when millions of us share thoughts and emotions, the Global Consciousness Project network shows correlations. This is important evidence for the existence of Theosophy’s global astral medium or matrix. Due to this medium, man and nature are psychically integrated into a single global consciousness and oneness.

Psychic vs Noetic

“The usual clairvoyant deals only with the ordinary aspects and strata of the Astral matter. Spiritual sight comes only to those who are pure, devoted, and firm. It may be attained by special development of the particular organ in the body through which alone such sight is possible, and only after discipline, long training, and the highest altruism.”

“All other clairvoyance is transitory, inadequate, and fragmentary, dealing, as it does, only with matter and illusion.”

“Its fragmentary and inadequate character results from the fact, that hardly any clairvoyant has the power to see into more than one of the lower grades of Astral substance, at any one time.”

Vulcan Mind Meld

Remote Viewing

Remote viewing, the ability to experience and describe distant events unavailable to ordinary perception, began as a laboratory protocol created by a small group of scientists at the CIA-sponsored Stanford Research Institute in the 1970s and 1980s.

The Lost Symbol


It has since become part of pop culture, including its use in Dan Brown’s best-seller The Lost Symbol.  Similarly, intentional healing, i.e. prayer, has now extended beyond the religious to the scientific, with thousands of papers written about its effectiveness.

“As the existence of these two powers,” Judge wrote, “proves the presence in us of the inner senses and of the necessary medium—the Astral Light—they have, as human faculties, an important bearing.

“The pure-minded and the brave,” he added,

“can deal with the future and the present far better than any clairvoyant.”

The Complete Tales and Poems of Winnie-the-Pooh by A. A. Milne

The Third Object

Furthering The Third Object of the Theosophical Movement as it was originally worded by Mme. Blavatsky and her Teachers:

“The Investigation of the Unexplained Laws of Nature and the Psychical Powers Latent in Man.”

The following is from the writings of H. P. Blavatsky, The Writer of “The Secret Doctrine –The Synthesis of Science, Religion and Philosophy”:

“THE time is not far distant when the World of Science will be forced to acknowledge that there exists as much interaction between one mind and another, no matter at what distance, as between one body and another in closest contact.

“THEOSOPHY allows a hearing and a fair chance to all. It deems no views—if sincere—entirely destitute of truth. It respects thinking men, to whatever class of thought they may belong.

“Theosophy is divine knowledge, and knowledge is truth—every true fact, every sincere word are thus part and parcel of Theosophy.”

“We intend to prove that modern science, owing to physiology, is itself on the eve of discovering that consciousness is universal —many a man of science is soaked through and through with such belief, very few are brave enough to openly admit it.

“It is a fundamental doctrine of Theosophy that the ‘separateness’ which we feel between ourselves and the world of living beings around us is an illusion, not a reality.

“If there were a real and complete separation between any two human beings, they could not communicate with, or understand each other in any way.”

The Secret Doctrine Commentary (Transactions of the Blavatsky Lodge) by H. P. Blavatsky

Entangled Minds

IONS Senior Scientist Dean Radin’s Lecture on Entangled Minds at Theosophy Hall, New York City – 60 min. video:



Click the link below to Dr. Radin’s new book.

Supernormal: Science, yoga, and the evidence for extraordinary psychic abilities.”

“Supernormal asks a simple question: Was Buddha just a nice guy? Did Buddha’s teachings thrive because he was more attractive or charismatic than most, or because he was a great teacher and a tireless advocate of the poor? Or— and here’s the core question we’ll explore in detail— was it also because he was an enlightened being with profound insights into the nature of Reality, and because he possessed supernormal spiritual abilities?”




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