Immortality: Kinship of the Human Spirit with God Spirit


The Dance of Siva

SPIRITUAL evolution is spiral, as described by Theosophy, and the path of spirituality “turns corkscrew-like, within and around physical, semi-physical, and supra-physical evolution.” (H. P. Blavatsky)

Cocooned, and preordained like the butterfly to be, our Soul potential waits “inextricably interwoven and interblended at every point,” awaiting each new earthly reincarnation.

It is a dynamic and transformational soul evolution. A journey we have undertaken on this patient and resilient planet, a journey fraught with peril and promise. But this Path doesn’t have to be a long and painful one, if we understand and practice the secret.

Challenging religious and scientific dogmas, and wasting no time in her Preface to Isis Unveiled 1:vi, her first Theosophical book, Blavatsky immediately sets the bar to its highest level,  posing a key question:

Who ever saw the Immortal Spirit of man, so as to be able to assure himself of man’s immortality?”

Man’s immortality and the existence of God, were the primary healing doctrines that H. P. Blavatsky, the acknowledged Mother of the New Age, was determined to explain and demonstrate to an often perplexed and confused humanity.

Usually it is the clear-eyed children, unfettered by man-made dogmas, who are the ones able to receive the soul of things, not their parents or teachers. The amazing story of James Leininger’s reincarnation offers dramatic proof of a child’s irrepressible soul insights.

Healing the Past

The parents of young James Leininger were first puzzled and then disturbed when their two-year-old son began screaming out chilling phrases during recurrent nightmares (a story documented later in this post.) Dr. Barbara Stone, PhD reveals how healing past life traumas can liberate your present life.

Sage Teachings

In an attempt to answer the ageless questions, Mme. Blavatsky describes her own travels. It was while traveling in the East, that she and her entourage encountered certain wise sages: “We came into contact with certain men:

“…endowed with such mysterious powers and such profound knowledge … that to their instructions we lent a ready ear.”


These Eastern sages possessed an unshakable  wisdom, and first-hand knowledge of Man’s immortal self. They assured Mme. Blavatsky and her traveling companions, that it was only “by combining science with religion” that

“…the existence of God and immortality of man’s spirit may be demonstrated like a problem of Euclid.”


Spirituality & Science

Senior scientist of IONS, Dean Radin, PhD, explains how science tends to give rise to a fractured system of disciplines, while spirituality connects individuals to the rest of the universe in a meaningful way. He suggests that ‘systems science’ may be the best example we currently have of how science can begin to embrace something as vaguely defined as connectivity, and still remain science.

The Knowing

Eastern philosophy, Blavatsky wrote, “has room for no other faith than an absolute and immovable faith in the omnipotence of man’s own immortal self…”

“We were taught,” she writes:

“…that this omnipotence comes from the kinship of man’s spirit with the Universal Soul — God!”


“Man-spirit proves God-spirit, as the one drop of water proves a source from which it must have come,” she assures her readers.

“Tell one who had never seen water, that there is an ocean of water, and he must accept it on faith or reject it altogether.”

“But let one drop fall upon his hand, and he then has the fact from which all the rest may be inferred.”


“These same concepts were expressed in the Bhagavad-Gita,” writes Eloise Hart in her article Reincarnation and Karma. Kahlil Gibran (The Prophet, pp. 83-4) expressed the same conviction: “Yes, I shall return with the tide, and though death may hide me and the greater silence enfold me, yet again will I seek your understanding.”

Similarly, as expressed by Lord Krishna in a conversation with Arjuna, his favorite pupil, he explains (Bhagavad-Gita, Chapter 2:4):

“…both I and thou have passed through many births – mine are known unto me, but thou knowest not of thine.'”

“As a man throweth away old garments and putteth on new,” Krishna explains to his disciple, “even so the dweller in the body, having quitted its old mortal frames, entereth into others which are new.”

For most of us, life is a process whose “beginnings are unknown, and whose outcome cannot be discerned.” Mr. Judge writes in The Synthesis of Occult Science 1V: “It is a glimpse of what might be, a hope of what should be.”

“The links in the chain of being are all filled in, and the circles of reason and of life are complete.”

“Karma gives the eternal law of action, and Reincarnation furnishes the boundless field for its display.  “In the light of Karma and Reincarnation,” judge writes, “evolution becomes the logic of what must be.”

The Unified Self

“When you die, there is this beautiful thing that happens. In the intensive care unit I was able to see who people were, and where they went,” explains healer, intuitive counselor and teacher Jeanette Duffau, RN a registered nurse in private practice in Olivebridge, New York. In the film The Path: Afterlife a documentary in which she describes contacting a former composer who had just died:

“This one person that died, was a composer, and I heard his soul, and it was a note of music —

“He became the music he played his whole life,” she says. “It was amazing — he became the music — that’s who he was in his most unified self.”

Soul Truths

If we understand H. P. Blavatsky and her co-worker W. Q. Judge correctly, their main object was rather to restore the rightful place of the Soul to a confused humanity.

This meant to place on a firm footing, the true understanding of consciousness and its states — including, and especially, the truths of karma and reincarnation.

However long, even after billions of years of evolution, the human spirit finally rests, and gets “lost” in the Universal Spirit, she writes in “Isis Unveiled and the Visishtadwaita” —  like “the drop of water thrown into the sea.”

“When it ends,” she continues, “the same individual Divine Monad resumes its majestic path of evolution…”


“… though on a higher, hundredfold perfected and more pure chain of earths than before, and brings with it all the essence of compound spiritualities from its previous countless rebirths.

– H. P. Blavatsky (Article)


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