Angels in Winter

SNOW angels, as far as we know, are only human-made depressions formed in an area of snow in the shape of an angel.

Snow angel making is a classic and fun winter child’s game — adults too can’t resist.

Nearly everyone living in northern latitudes knows about making “snow angels.” If you don’t, or haven’t, here’s the recipe.

The creation of the snow angel is easy. The first step is to find an undisturbed blanket of snow.

The next step is to lie on your back on the newly fallen snow, spreadeagled. Arms and legs are then swept back and forth, creating the winged shape.

The finished creation should have the appearance of an angel, the movement of the arms having formed wings, and that of the legs having formed the dress.

The trick is always to launch oneself carefully out of the newly formed impression without disturbing the design.

Then, if possible, take giant steps away minimizing any tell-tale footprints — leaving behind, for passers-by to marvel, a glistening angel dropped magically out of heaven!

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Angels in the Snow

4 responses to “Angels in Winter

  1. Joann Mary Pelliccia

    I was extremely fascinated by Angels In Winter and would love to share a poem that I wrote years ago. I am a snow bird living in hot Fla and fly to my home town on Long Island in the winter, just to see the snow and leave my own Snow Angel behind. Even at 65 yrs of age, my childhood is revisited. Hope you enjoy Snow Angel by Joann Mary Pelliccia.
    Snow Angel…
    Arms outstretched, eyes gazing upward as gentle waves leave trraces of the human soul. Bound to earth by destiny as the spirit reaches towards Heaven’s Doorway. Body longing to take flight as the coldness of the snow awakens the reality of wings unable to fly.


  2. It makes my heart skip a beat when I see the esoteric become the exoteric — just as was promised.


  3. I am very interested with all these subjects…I am very happy that I’m here at this very moment in time…thanks to you, now, I am finally hearing & seeing all the answers to my many questions, about our own planet, & all the phenomenom that happens here in our own backyards & the whole Universe…..I’m glad, I found you..keep me informed through my email & I’ll keep going back to your website to expand my knowledge even more…Thank You!!..


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