Science and Spirituality

THE principles of occult science and psychology were so unfamiliar, that Mme. Blavatsky often added the term “meta” to distinguish them from the mainstream.”Meta-chemistry,” for example, was frequently used.

“Theosophy, or rather the occult sciences it studies,” she explained in her article Le Phare De L’Inconnu, “is something more than simple metaphysics.”

“It is, if I may be allowed to use the double terms, meta-metaphysics, meta-geometry, etc., etc., or a universal transcendentalism. Theosophy rejects the testimony of the physical senses entirely, if the latter be not based upon that afforded by the psychic and spiritual perceptions.”

This section might have been titled “Meta-psychology,” but the editors confess choosing to connect instead two of today’s popular topics, science and spirituality.  This video blog is being published simultaneously to our subscribers, and a permanent link titled “Science and Spirituality” added to the site header.

The link will be updated periodically with important findings, so feel free to check by clicking the header link “Science & Spirituality.” As new materials are added, links to the posts will also be emailed immediately to Theosophy Watch subscribers.

Publicizing new discoveries in psychology and consciousness are ideas that drive the editorship of Theosophy Watch. Such are relevant to its declared focus “ancient thought in modern dress” — a phrase coined by H. P. Blavatsky in The Secret Doctrine.

Babies Need Mothers

Clancy D. McKenzie, M.D.

“At a time when an apple was something Steve Jobs gave to his first grade teacher, Dr. Clancy McKenzie happened upon a discovery that would forever change not just his life, but his patients’ as well.

“It hit him like a bolt of lightening. Without so much as a hand-held calculator, McKenzie unearthed the origin and mechanism of serious mental and emotional disorders.”

Many of Dr. McKenzie’s most powerful insights were directed to him during his dreams, and experienced later as voices on awakening, and during the day at unexpected moments.

The Brihand Aranyaka Upanishad [p. 12], speaks of this inner dream god: “Leaving the bodily world through the door of dream, the sleepless Spirit views the sleeping powers.”

“Then clothed in radiance, returns to his own home, the gold-gleaming Genius, swan of everlasting.”

“You do not have to be a yogi and meditate for years in a cave to receive an enlightened answer,” says Dr. McKenzie. “When you fall asleep you reach just as deep a level of consciousness.

“All you must do is take one minute at bedtime to formulate your question, and one minute when you awaken to retrieve the answer. Practically anyone can do this the very first night.”

Click on the link below to view, or download the .pdf file to your computer:

Programmed Dreams

Lecture by Clancy D. McKenzie, M.D
© American Mental Health Association, May 1999

Dr. McKenzie has not known “anyone to receive a wrong answer or one that is morally corrupt.” He concludes from this that “the answers are coming from a higher source, and that the programmed dream might be similar to prayer – but with a refined technique for receiving the answer.”

His proscribed treatment and three levels of prevention quickly followed. After forty plus years of research and studies, the author has made the results and prevention methods available to the general public for the first time.

His new book “Babies Need Mothers” – How Mothers Can Prevent Mental Illness in their Children, can be purchased on his website, or from Amazon.

International Theosophical Conference
August 12, 2011, Julian, CA

(Theme: A Concurrence of Science and Spirituality)

Clancy D. McKenzie, M.D. 

“Psychological Origin of Neurobiological Disorders. What is schizophrenia? Is it one thing or a combination of important issues beginning at the earliest part of life? Dr. McKenzie pulls together in a brilliant manner the issues comprising schizophrenia and gives us a greater understanding of the condition.”

“The real substance of the concealed (Sun) is a nucleus of Mother substance,” wrote H. P. Blavatsky. “It is the heart and the matrix of all the living and existing Forces in our solar universe.” (The Secret Doctrine 1:290)

Amy Sky – “A Mother’s Love”

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Time for TED

A rousing video by John Boswell, of the “Symphony of Science,” brings to the Theosophical student’s mind the power of ancient spiritual ideas driving our new age. Boswell came to TED2012 and made this remix of the speakers onstage. To read more about every speaker in this video, visit the TED Blog at


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