W. Q. Judge

Round Tower, Ireland

“Scattered throughout Ireland are some hundreds of round towers of unknown age and purpose, tall and slim, with conical roofs and with their only entrance sometimes many feet above the ground.”

– Joscelyn Godwin, The Theosophical Enlightenment

W. Q. Judge

Music: Alessandro Marcello
Adagio in C minor

Additional interesting details about the life and work of William Quan Judge, Co-founder of  The Theosophical Society, will be added soon…

One response to “W. Q. Judge

  1. Dear Frinde,
    There may be any problems but I have a likings for William Judge…..who has shared so much for Theosophical literature and shed his Blood also for the Society…..
    I am getting letters from Bombay……
    I have not attended any Meeting there but I have total respect…..
    I am a Vice president at my local branch, at Junagadh, Gujarat, India…..
    Dr.Sohini Shukla.


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