The Shiva Life

WE live on a planet constantly in motion, and except for the occasional natural catastrophe, a usually very slow, orderly motion.

The Earth is billions of years old and still in the making, where glacial cycles come and go, continents move, mountains form and erode.

Scientists investigate everything from the hypothetical big bang to the smallest geologic and biologic forces. But where Earth came from, how evolution works,

…and why and how life itself arose, is still the most profound mystery in science.

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2 responses to “The Shiva Life

  1. The videos for this posting are really great. My favorite one is Have You Forgotten? With all the stress and distraction that modern day global interaction can cause, I think it’s easy to forget that we are, in spite of it all, becoming more conscious of, and manifesting more of our awareness of our oneness…awesome.


  2. OM NAMAH SHIVAYA….and Ginger Snaps!

    Namaste all,


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