Knots of the Heart

Child-PrayingTHAT all humans possess an immortal soul is a common belief of humanity, but to this Theosophy adds we do not just ‘have’ souls, but each of us is a soul.

Further that we are an indivisible and indissoluble part of the consciousness of great nature which is also, by degrees, both conscious and intelligent.

And flowering into an Adept like Jesus or Buddha and manifesting those soul powers, is perfectly possible to all human beings.

The driving power behind such development is what the ancients called the “Father which is in secret” (Matthew ch. vi. v. 6) in its esoteric meaning, and is not an extra-cosmic god.

“That ‘Father’ is in man himself,” Mme. Blavatsky wrote in the Key to Theosophy, unrestricted by age, social status or gender.


Our inner spiritual self “is the only God we can have cognizance of,” and she asks: “how can this be otherwise? — Grant us our postulate that God is a universally diffused, infinite principle, and how can man alone escape from being soaked through by, and in, the Deity?”

Candlelight Vigil to honor the departed in the BDR mutiny

“We call our ‘Father in heaven’ that deific essence of which we are cognizant within us, in our heart and spiritual consciousness, and which has nothing to do with the anthropomorphic conception we may form of it in our physical brain or its fancy:”

“Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the spirit of (the absolute) God dwelleth in you?” Yet, let no man anthropomorphize that essence in us. Let no Theosophist, if he would hold to divine, not human truth, say that this ‘God in secret’ listens to, or is distinct from, either finite man or the infinite essence — for all are one.”

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The Real Meaning of the
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10 responses to “Knots of the Heart

  1. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

    interesting post as I wander through…
    alot to think about some new some older I have read…
    I like Brian Weiss, after I read him I found the book (or it found me, to this day I have no clue how I came by it) by Dr.Michael Newton, The Journey of the Souls…I have read it many times and each time I see something else…
    He is much like Weiss, I think…
    Thank you for sharing such a thought-full post, I appreciate it
    Take Care…You Matter…


    • Thanks for your comments – I like Weiss, but nowadays hundreds of important new/old spiritual thinkers have shown up and coming of age (new age that is)… a good sign for our future as a planet and as a compassionate humanity.


  2. Thank you for this post, TW, wonderful. Soul Memories, seared into us, go far far beyond the span of one little lifetime, as the child in the video shows us. Such a completely remarkable thing, yet we know according to the teachings, every single experience is there inside our Soul’s memory, and this child came to teach us by demonstrating this, for sure. There are countless ways and opportunities for the soul to become lost. I think that “memorizing” one’s center, making that connection with the Higher Mind/Self and witnessing the quality of thinking that comes from that connection can certainly lessen the possibilities of losing one’s own soul. I agree with Peter Terry here, there are those who quite unconsciously may attempt to pull us away from the soul’ realm and it’s directives, but also those who are busy with this intention in quite a conscious way. Learning and memorizing the soul connection with Higher Self, and habitually using the will to reconnect when we’ve lost the connection, and stay connected, must be a lifelong task in itself…prayer, meditation, study, all a tremendous help. But also, learning objectivity and detachment also probably lessens the risk of going down the wrong path and losing one’s soul. Fortunately, we get another pass at it when we fail, in the form of reincarnation. This student is forever grateful for the Wisdom Teachings and the huge difference it can make in just being aware of these possibilities! Clearly, what we focus on becomes a part of us, and it is easy to forget how we weave the karmic yarn from within ourselves, as Mr. Judge states here, by whatever our current thoughts are, for that time being at least, becoming that thought…not easy, at least not for me, but trying! NAMASTE ALL


    • Happy W. Q. Judge Day! Judge wrote:

      “Live well your life. Seek to realize the meaning of every event. Strive to find the Ever Living and wait for more light. The True Initiate does not fully realize what he is passing through, until his degree is received. If you are striving for light and Initiation, remember this, that your cares will increase, your trials thicken, your family make new demands upon you. He who can understand and pass through these patiently, wisely, placidly – may hope.”

      It is in and through the incidents of daily life, in work well done, in duties thoroughly performed, that we today can most readily make progress in the higher life – slow progress, it may be, but at any rate sure. These are stepping stones to better things. We advance most rapidly when we stop to help other wayfarers. We receive most when we sacrifice most. We attain to the largest measure of Divine love when we most unselfishly love the brethren. We become one with the Supreme most surely when we lose ourselves in work for Humanity.”


  3. What happens mentally, spiritually and emotionally to a child who becomes seven years old?


  4. So it is losing the personality we find this ‘god’. This is like sufism.


    • “The closer the approach to one’s Prototype, ‘in Heaven,’ the better for the mortal whose personality was chosen, by his own personal deity (the seventh principle), as its terrestrial abode. For, with every effort of will toward purification and unity with that ‘Self-god,’ one of the lower rays breaks and the spiritual entity of man is drawn higher and ever higher to the ray that supersedes the first, until, from ray to ray, the inner man is drawn into the one and highest beam of the Parent-SUN. . . . Yes; ‘our destiny is written in the stars!’ Only, the closer the union between the mortal reflection MAN and his celestial PROTOTYPE, the less dangerous the external conditions and subsequent reincarnations — which neither Buddhas nor Christs can escape.” [[Vol. 1, Page]] 639 THE NETWORK OF DESTINY.


  5. One also has to be aware of the possibility of losing one’s soul and also the danger around of overshadowing entities. There are also people with whom we interact who are soulless individuals. Many of them are in places of high power.


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