The Holographic Life

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Horizons of the Mind

2 responses to “The Holographic Life

  1. What an amazing compilation! Thank you, TheosophyWatch!


  2. “On Six Sense”

    Daniel Tammet is no doubt using a sixth sense. And crosses the line between Savant and Synesthete. He is using his natural sensitivity as an interface, which plugs into an elemental plane which communicates to him through numbers.
    From William Q Judge’s standpoint Mr. Tammet and people of his nature, although extraordinary, are no Adepts, in the esoteric sense. As seen on page 79 “Letters that have Helped Me.” eg. “The description of things moving about like fishes in the sea, (Numbers is the case of Mr. Tammet) is a real description of one of the manners in which many of these elementals are seen”. An obvious reflection of the Astral light, “which exists in all places and interpenetrates everything, exclusively not, only in free air”.
    However, in this and other similar cases, Mr. Tammet is limited to seeing numbers or other shapes, such as words. But, there are many other sorts of sights and shapes which are present that he doesn’t see. There are many layers to the Astral Light, of which a true, purified Adept is attuned to. As he can not only see, but control the elementals of the Astral Plane, from a top down advantage. This is not to take anything away from gifts of Mr Tammet, but the Adept has a much wider and broader range from which to view and work in the Astral light, having mastered all 7 aspects of his human nature (the Astral being just one of them).
    The Elementals show pictures to those that can see them, as they are always moving in the Astral Light. But these pictures and what they show, depend a great deal on the seer’s thoughts, motive and development. The trap is when one accepts the limited plane in which one sees, and accepts it as the whole. “While these partial forms exist partially in the total, only those that are total, reveal the entire truth. It is those persons that part take of the lower (partial) nature, that receive but a limited view of and utilization these truths. Where as an Adept knows’ no human bounds.
    “The Elementals are partial forms, while man’s individual soul is total, according to the power and purity of that form which it inhabits; waits upon the Gods”


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