We recently updated the companion post, Lofty Strangeness, with a new formation that appeared in an English barley field on May 30, 2009.

Further investigation reveals an exciting Theosophical interpretation of the “jellyfish” formation.

The form may symbolize the Circle Makers themselves—living simultaneously in an astro-spiritual and terrestrial matrix.

Experts in the field, the Alexanders, say they expect this to be an extraordinary season.

Temporary Temples

Temporary Temples‘ photographers and archivists, Steve and Karen Alexander, said “we never expected this!”

“An absolutely stunning new circle … Located at a place called Kingstone Coombes, it is close to Waylan’s Smithy on the Wiltshire-Oxfordshire border, site of many formations over the past few years.”



“By our approximations it is 500-600ft in length and the jelly-fish-like design is one of the most breathtaking circles we have ever seen. Note the seven circles in the tail and the seven tentacles. Seven in a very prodigious and numinous number.”

“2009 is turning out to be an very special season…”

A Theosophical Interpretation

Amphibios – Annedoti – Oannes

The Greek word amphibios means simply “life on two planes,” from amphi, “on both sides,” and bios, “life.”

The word was often applied in antiquity to those men who, though still wearing a human form, had made themselves almost divine through knowledge, and lived as much in the spiritual supersensuous regions as on earth.

One sees why Occultism places Oannes and the other Annedoti in the group of those ancient “adepts” who were called “marine” or “water dragons”Nagas.

Waylands Smithy, UK, May 30, 2009

Waylands Smithy, UK, May 30, 2009

Water typified their human origin (as it is a symbol of earth and matter and also of purification), in distinction to the “fire Nagas” or the immaterial spiritual Beings, whether celestial Bodhisattvas or Planetary Dhyanis, also regarded as the instructors of mankind.

The hidden meaning becomes clear to the Occultist, once he is told that this being (Oannes) was accustomed to pass the day among men, teaching; and when the sun was set, he retired again into the sea, passing the night in the deep, “for he was amphibious,“i.e., he belonged to two planes; the spiritual and the physical.

Human Gods & Divine Men, SD 1:369

The Matsya, or Fish Avatar, happened before the Varaha or Boar Avatar; the allegories, therefore, must relate to both the Padma and the present manvantara, and also to the minor cycles which took place since the reappearance of our Chain of Worlds and Earth.

Not even Esoteric philosophy can claim to know, except by analogical inference, that which took place before the reappearance of our Solar System, and previous to the last Maha Pralaya [great sleep.]

Matsya, Fish Avatar of Vishnu

Matsya, Fish Avatar of Vishnu

But it teaches distinctly that after the first geological disturbance in the Earth’s axis, which ended in the sweeping down to the bottom of the Seas of the whole second Continent, with its primeval races — of which successive “Earths” or Continents Atlantis was the fourth…

— there came another disturbance by the axis resuming as rapidly its previous degree of inclination; when the Earth was indeed raised once more out of the Waters, and — as above so it is below; and vice versa.

There were “gods” on Earth in those days — gods, and not men, as we know them now, says the tradition.  (SD 1:369)

Lord Matsya

Lord Matsya

Wikipedia related: Matsya

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