Animal Souls

THOSE who think Theosophy is only about abstract metaphysics, invisible worlds and mystical hierarchies, might want to think again.

The old theosophical teachings, referred to as the “Wisdom Religion,” are very much about getting down to Mother Earth.

It’s about respecting the billions of sentient, non-human entities — animals and plants that surround and support our existence — many of whom are still being used and abused.

In her 19th century re-presentation of Theosophy, H. P. Blavatsky was not abstract when it came to standing up for the planet (“help Nature and work on with her”,) and against what she saw as widespread animal abuse and cruelty.

Not a radical vegan, she nevertheless supported the health and spiritual values of a non-meat diet.

This post has been updated and republished at:

Souls of Nature

4 responses to “Animal Souls

  1. Animals have souls just like us and even after the loved pets die, you can still feel a connection with them. Animals around us can be our guardians and messengers


  2. Thanks so much–magnificent blog! Loved the videos. I’ve seen masses of birds like that here in Denver–undulating, living ribbons of dark birds. It’s breathtaking.


  3. As a twenty-five year member of PETA and a forty-five year vegetarian, I appreciate this post. So do the animals. Thank you.


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