Dreaming the Future

WHEN our rational brains are all heated up, arguing life’s complexities, that’s usually the best time to kick off our shoes and give it a rest.

“Ever drifting down the stream, lingering in the golden gleam,” Lewis Carroll wondered: “Life — what is it but a dream?”

At times, when we are faced with a critical decision, or stuck on a complex problem, sleeping or napping on it, researchers find, often leads to the right answer.

The notes of a song, the smell of burning leaves, the babbling of a mountain stream, a day-dream—all can open a door to the the non-rational, poetic mind. They can also arouse unexpected vistas when we are children.

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7 responses to “Dreaming the Future

  1. More about lucid dreaming and other related studies, (and one of the simplest, most lucid definitions of quantum thought I’ve come across):


    Feliz ano nuevo –


  2. Some years ago, JK Rowling, author of the Harry Potter books, was on a train ride when she drifted off to sleep. When she awoke, she had the Harry Potter story in mind. Though the quote below doesn’t mention falling asleep, in a tv interview JK said that’s how/when Harry et al. came to be.
    She says she doesn’t really know where Harry Potter came from, but that the stories came “fully formed” into her head, during a train journey in 1990 from Manchester to London.


  3. Again, Odin, a most informative and insightful presentation. Thank you.


  4. The Poe/Alan Parsons video is wonderful. Your posts so often remind me of that old adage: the bite cannot be put back into the apple. Once given knowledge, we crave more of it, not less. I love the exposing of conventional science’s taboos — which are as stringent and fearful as the religions modern science competes with. Thanks for another provocative, intelligent post. I taught my daughter to lucid dream when she was small, haunted as she was by nightmares. Turning round and facing her demons in sleep proved a powerful moment for her. Namaste.


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