New Healing Discovery: Induced After Death Communication

mom-and-babeTHE anxiety illness known as Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is believed, according to Wikipedia, to be “caused by the experience of a wide range of traumatic events.”

“Persons considered at risk include combat military personnel, victims of natural disasters, concentration camp survivors, and victims of violent crime. Individuals not infrequently experience ‘survivor’s guilt‘ for remaining alive while others died.”

Lifelong PTSD is also induced in infants and children who at varying ages experience “separation anxiety,” the real or imagined loss of an important parental figure, even if only for a few seconds. Usually the focus person is the child’s mother, as explained in the book Babies Need Mothers by Dr. Clancy McKenzie.

In a short video talk found at Waking our Inner Dream God, Dr. McKenzie claims PTSD (schizophrenia) is unnecessary, and explains the origin, mechanism, treatment and prevention of the disorder. You can also access Dr. McKenzie’s Programmed Dreams system.

Dr. McKenzie has not known “anyone to receive a wrong answer or one that is morally corrupt.” He concludes from this that “the answers are coming from a higher source, and that the programmed dream might be similar to prayer – but with a refined technique for receiving the answer.” Click on the link below to view or save the .pdf file to your computer:

Programmed Dreams

babies need mothersImages of dis-empowering thoughts and feelings “are being made from day to day,” W. Q. Judge wrote giving the occult law underlying their power over us  (Ocean of Theosophy, Ch. 12). With this law “every thought combines instantly with one of the elemental forces of nature, becoming to that extent an entity … and all of these are inseparably connected with the being who evolved them.”

Entrenched fears, sadness and guilt feelings in our life can set us up for both psychological and physical illnesses, but as will be shown these can be completely removed and put behind us.

compassionVarious therapies, in addition to the substantial benefits accrued from genuine meditation, yoga and spiritual practices, have been developed in the last decades. The most powerful methods actively in use, not relying on hypnosis or psychic healers, are EFT Tapping, and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy).

Adding insights of his own from Dr. Raymond Moody’s studies of near death experiences, psychotherapist Dr. Allan Botkin developed Induced After Death Communication (IADC), an even more effective therapy for grief and trauma, one that has helped thousands of people. In this interview with Bob Olsen of Afterlife TV, Dr. Botkin discusses the new therapy he discovered for grief and trauma.


Dr. Allan Botkin discusses the new therapy he discovered for grief and
trauma that he calls Induced After Death Communication (IADC).

“Get Thee Behind Me”

It’s striking how similar this is to Jesus’ response when he was tempted by the Devil (Luke 4:5-8): “If thou therefore wilt worship me, all shall be thine. And Jesus answered and said unto him, Get thee behind me, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve.”

Knowing the hidden “name” (emotional-thought link) of the elemental being involved in the fixation, gives one control over that entity and thus the power to clear the attachment from the astral body thus freeing the person to move forward with their life. See: Elementals


DR. ALLAN BOTKIN’S BOOK – Induced After Death Communication CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE (paperback).


Induced After Death Communication (IADC) is a therapy for grief and trauma that has helped thousands of people come to terms with their loss by allowing them the experience of private communication with their departed loved ones. This is the definitive book on the subject.

Botkin, a clinical psychologist, created the therapy while counseling Vietnam veterans in his work at a Chicago area VA hospital. Botkin recounts his initial–accidental–discovery of IADC during therapy sessions with Sam, a Vietnam vet haunted by the memory of a Vietnamese girl he couldn’t save. During the session, quite unexpectedly, Sam saw a vision of the girl’s spirit, who told him everything was okay; she was at peace now.

“This single moment surpassed months–years–of therapy, and allowed Sam to reconnect with his family.”

“Since that 1995 discovery, Botkin has used IADC to successfully treat countless patients–the book includes dozens of case examples–and has taught the procedure to therapists around the country. For more info:

“Dr. Allan Botkin’s Bio: Allan L. Botkin, PsyD, received his Doctor of Psychology degree from Baylor University in 1983. For the next twenty years he worked in private practice and as a staff psychologist for the Department of Veterans Affairs in the Chicago area. He is currently the director of The Center for Grief and Traumatic Loss, LLC in Libertyville, Illinois.”

Author website:

To see Bob Olson’s Afterlife TV interview with Bill Guggenheim on ADCs:

Afterlife TV is presented by Afterlife Investigator & Psychic Medium Researcher Bob Olson, who is the author of Answers about the Afterlife: A Private Investigator’s 15-Year Research Unlocks the Mysteries of Life after Death.

6 responses to “New Healing Discovery: Induced After Death Communication

  1. I can’t thank you enough for bringing this to my attention again, TW. We had a recent class on the elementals, and still, questions in my mind regarding them, the WQJ stories, carryovers from previous incarnations, the source of trauma they can be, yet a person to being unable to connect them with anything in their current life, not easy!!! But for anyone, including a person who has no inkling, experience, or input regarding reincarnation, I guess it really doesn’t matter, so long as the source of trouble is REMOVED. So glad to have the opportunity to return to this, important, putting this post in my files, which I should have done first time around, thanks. Namaste.


    • Yep trauma can come from anywhere – even “spiritual” trauma. The Adepts are said to experience “mental woe unspeakable” over the blindness of human nature. “Path the second is – RENUNCIATION, and therefore called the ‘Path of Woe.’ That Secret Path leads the Arhan to mental woe unspeakable; woe for the living Dead, and helpless pity for the men of Karmic sorrow, the fruit of Karma Sages dare not still.” The Voice of the Silence


  2. Sorry, I meant in my response to yours “unbearable pain”, not “unbearable”. Thanks.


  3. I totally believe that that is exactly what it is! Added assistance from behind the scenes! So very exciting. And who would have connected before he discovered, that REM would provide a means? Just amazing. He laid the groundwork and paid the dues for it, and these souls now receive real help for such unbearable. Also, it was quite funny to note how grateful he is, knowing that he’s not the one who’s doing this, lol…adorable. Thank you, TW, this is a big one.


  4. I can’t believe it. This is just so remarkably great. I am forever grateful for this post, TW, particularly because it is wholly related to my current work project. The therapy solution that Dr. Allan Botkin “happened” on to, and I put that word in quotes because I believe there just are no accidents, I think is a huge offering of Mercy and Compassion from the Divine. What a wonder is man, made of the entire universe, and therefore never really without answers to questions, solutions to problems, if we can only make ourselves available to them…and don’t we all just know, that’s the tricky part! And this poses a question for me…You speak here of knowing the “name” of the entity involved in the fixation, and by knowing, having control over the entity attached to the astral body of the sufferer…does this mean that a person who may be experiencing something like a vampire, draining their energy on the astral plane, wreaking havoc in the worldly affairs of the person, can undergo the same process and become free of the entity causing the problems? This idea seems to open a door to so many issues people suffer from, who can’t get at the cause because it is unseen. Nevertheless, this is just incredible, a huge gift for me, this student, but importantly, for all those who are suffering with this so intensely in our world, be it from war or other disasters…Thank you so very, very much…NAMASTE


    • Interesting how many of the best new discoveries occur — i.e. after much perspiration (he plodded for 20 years at the VA in selfless service to the mentally and emotionally wounded) — then there came inspiration and insight finding the missing puzzle piece! Maybe its that such devotees get some added assistance from behind the scenes? 🙂


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