The Fires of Mind

ANIMALS are only instinctual machines, most people believe. But its not true.

 Controlled scientific studies suggest there are powerful spiritual and intellectual forces embedded in the kingdoms of nature.


In the 17th Century, René Descartes, dubbed the “Father of Modern Philosophy,” started us thinking the wrong way.


“Descartes held the living animal as being simply an automaton,” H. P. Blavatsky comments—”a ‘well wound up clock-work,’ according to Malebranche“—to which she countered:


“One, therefore, who adopts the Cartesian theory about the animal, would do as well to accept at once the views of the modern materialists.”


Koko and Tabby

A woman found a young lion injured in the forest on the brink of death. She took it home with her and nursed it back to health. Later she made arrangements with a animal rescue group to take the lion. Some time passed before the woman had a chance to visit. This video was taken when she walked up to the lion’s cage to see how he was doing. Watch the lion’s reaction when he sees her!

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What Animals Feel


3 responses to “The Fires of Mind

  1. I was on a business trip to Portland Oregon several weeks ago. I was speaking with my wife on the telephone, who was at home at the time. As she was talking to me, our new cat Collin went over to the US map we have hung by the phone and started pawing at the western edge of Oregon, precisely where Portland is. He had never done that prior, and has not done it since! We thought for sure he knew it was me on the phone and he knew where I was.


  2. Call it scychronicity, but this morning after walking the dogs, I had to run some errands. usually I leave the dogs home, because we live in Arizona and the weather is hot. But this morning the weather was lovely and I thought silently to myself, “Perhaps I should take Molly and Grayson with me.” Then I decided against it. We had had a long walk and they were tired. As I walked to the door leading to the garage and my car, both Molly and Grayson stood, tails wagging, ready to go. Needless to say, I took them with me.


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