We Always Color the Day for Others


Life Divine

“THOREAU pointed out that there are artists in life, persons who can change the colour of a day and make it beautiful to those with whom they come in contact,” H. P. Blavatsky once wrote:

“We claim that there are adepts, masters in life who make it divine, as in all other arts.

“Is it not the greatest art of all, this which affects the very atmosphere in which we live?

“That it is the most important is seen at once, when we remember that every person who draws the breath of life

…affects the mental and moral atmosphere of the world,
and helps to colour the day for those about him.”

“If all our readers … endeavored to learn the art of making life not only beautiful but divine, and vowed no longer to be hampered by disbelief in the possibility of this miracle, but to commence the Herculean task at once, then [2019] would have been fitly ushered in…


“Man’s life is in his own hands, his fate is ordered by himself. Why then should not [2019] be a year of greater spiritual development than any we have lived through?

“It depends on ourselves to make it so. This is an actual fact, not a religious sentiment. In a garden of sunflowers every flower turns towards the light. Why not so with us?


“And let no one imagine that it is a mere fancy, the attaching of importance to the birth of the year. The earth passes through its definite phases and man with it — and as a day can be coloured so can a year.”

(Excerpted from H. P. Blavatsky, “1888”)


A musical score waving

“SISSEL performed this very famous song from John Lennon “Imagine” at the occasion of a TV Concert which was filmed in the Faroe Islands, during spring and summer 1990, and was then released on TV in 1991. Sissel was in her early twenties at that time but she was already a well-known singer, especially in Norway and in Bergen, her hometown. The orchestra is directed by Per Egil Hovland.

Faroe Islands, Borðoy, Klaksvík

Faroe Islands, Borðoy, Klaksvík

“The TV program (produced by Stageway) lasted about 70 minutes and was made of two parts.  Kirkjubø is the old cultural and spiritual centre of the Faroes, with the St. Olav’s church (12th century) , the oldest church in the Faroes still in use, and the ruins of St. Magnus Cathedral (about 1300). The second part of the program was called ‘Sissel i Christianskirkjuni.’ It is a church concert filmed in ‘Christianschurch,’ in Klaksvik.

“Sissel performance was never released in any album or DVD later on, and to our knowledge, only very few recordings of this concert still exist today.”

Sissel Kyrkjebø: http://sissel.net/



2 responses to “We Always Color the Day for Others

  1. abelincolnblogger

    I like to know as much as possible about religion and how they began and who among the parent organization got their members so upset that they set out and founded new beliefs. Whosoever believes in Jesus, God said, has everlasting life. That means all the religious groups, churches and cities are desperate to save the so-called souls of the damned.


  2. abelincolnblogger

    I had to dig deep to understand Spiritualism and what that means to so many people.

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