Never Ending I

EVOLUTION is spiral, Theosophy teaches and the path of spirituality turns “corkscrew-like.”

Soul experiences are layered securely “within and around the physical, semi-physical, and supra-physical.”

Man’s immortality and the existence of God, are the two primary doctrines that H. P. Blavatsky determined to prove.

Analogizing in her Preface to Isis Unveiled, her first Theosophical opus, she sets the bar to its highest level,  posing immediately the keynote question:

“Who ever saw the Immortal Spirit of man, so as to be able to assure himself of man’s immortality?”


Often it is only the clear-eyed children, unfettered by dogmas, who are the ones able to perceive spirit, not their parents or teachers.

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5 responses to “Never Ending I

  1. kindredspirit

    Is there such a thing as a new soul? I am so green to Theosophy and TOE (also add Unitarian Universalist and Wicca to the mix) that I ask this question. I haven’t studied the religious theories… or scientific theories either for that matter… enough to have a glimmer of understanding of anything never mind everything!


    • VIII

      The Monadic Host may be roughly divided into three great classes:–

      Theosophy uses the Pythagorean term “monad” to describe a pure soul either in our out of evolution. Three general types come into play when a new world (The Earth) comes into being from a previous world or earth. 1. The most developed. 2. First to reach the human stage, and 3. The “laggards”:

      1. The most developed Monads (the Lunar Gods or “Spirits,” called, in India, the Pitris), whose function it is to pass in the first Round through the whole triple cycle of the mineral, vegetable, and animal kingdoms in their most ethereal, filmy, and rudimentary forms, in order to clothe themselves in, and assimilate, the nature of the newly formed chain. They are those who first reach the human form (if there can be any form in the realm of the almost subjective) on Globe A in the first Round. It is they, therefore, who lead and represent the human element during the second and third Rounds, and finally evolve their shadows at the beginning of the Fourth Round for the second class, or those who come behind them.

      2. Those Monads that are the first to reach the human stage during the three and a half Rounds, and to become men.

      3. The laggards; the Monads which are retarded, and which will not reach, by reason of Karmic impediments, the human stage at all during this cycle or Round, save one exception …


      Thank you for your readership and interest.



  2. I wonder why the believers in biological evolution and the advocates of intellegent design can’t incorporate karma and reincarnation into their systems? As it is, these dualities can do nothing but disagree — forever skirting the realm of truth. How sad.


  3. Since you mentioned Dean Radin, I wanted to let you know that Dean Radin, Senior Scientist of the Institute of Noetic Science will be interviewing Diane Powell on a teleseminar Wednesday June 2nd at 5:00 pm Pacific time… you can sign up to participate in the call FREE here:

    Diane Powell is the author of The ESP Enigma:


  4. About children connecting with the truth of spirit:

    When my 29 year old was 5 and my mother was in a fatal two month coma, he put an old Chinese puppet on his hand. His puppet talked to me in a deep voice, asked me what my wish was. I said that I wished the family have joy. The puppet said “Before you can have that wish, one of the family must die.” I asked, “Do you mean Grandma?” Suddenly the 5 year old voice was back and my son said, “Mom – it’s just a puppet!’ as if I were being childish to believe a puppet’s words.


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