The Real Jesus

EASTER week is Christianity’s “Jesus week,” and usually finds the secular media waging its annual knee-jerk assault on Christian beliefs.

Neither the media nor Christianity seem to know anything about the real Jesus, so we decided to enter the fray as truth-seekers, backed by ancient theosophical teachings.

The cover of Newsweek (April 4, 2009) dramatizes “The Decline and Fall of Christian America, ” and is subtitled “The percentage of self-identified Christians has fallen 10 points in the past two decades. How that statistic explains who we are now—and what, as a nation, we are about to become.”

So popular was the article, that runner-up news magazine, bloggers noted, was forced to disable comments on the 2009 Jon Meacham’s lead article.

The article, titled The End of Christian America, received over 5,000 comments, bloggers reported, “making the site wobbly.”

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Christos Rising

6 responses to “The Real Jesus

  1. I recommend The Urantia Book to anyone who wants to see what the real Jesus could have been like. Blavatsky’s Secret Doctrine prepared me for that book.


  2. Upon reading H.P.Blavatskys materials one thing struck me, the idea of saying to much so that what is written unleashes “opposing forces”. She and her teachers were well aware of humans groves or what we can call the Conditioned Mind.
    Personally I tend to think that HPB could of said much more about the historical Jesus but chose not to due to letting loose even more “opposing forces”.

    I read a book called The Bible Fraud by Tony Busby which gives a clear history of who the real Jesus was and how the myth of Jesus per the New testament came about and I recommend that text to anyone who wants further investigative data.

    Basically the Romans needed a religion for the masses in order to unite their territories. The roaming presberters were brought together, their texts were confisicated, and Esibus (sp?) was assigned the task of writing a fantastic text to begin the new religion, and thus the Roman Catholic Church was born.

    Every comment about Jesus by HPB is also confirmed in the above mentioned text.

    The difficulty with all this is that it is emotionally difficult to find that texts such as the Gospels are so full of half truths and even lies….when a person is given testimony, that is, told to believe as a child by preachers and authorities that the Christian Bible is true.
    Unconditioning the mind is extremely difficult. It was for me ! Our human nature seems to abhor a vacum and when cherished beliefs get blown up where does that leave a person?
    I realized that vacum within myself and when a relative once said to me, “Well if my spouse left me at least I would have God”, I came to a fuller understanding of our our human need to have some beliefs to hold on to. Thus I even came to understand how some theosophical students would and still do…christianize theosophy…the same holds true for Masonry…it is being christianized as well in many areas.

    It appears to me that our karma, including how we as humans think and our cherished beliefs and reliance on authorities does not change as quickly as we might wish for. The fabricated Jesus and the Roman Catholic creeds will take many more generations to die out.

    Theosophy and Buddhism in general teach both self responsibilty and demand free thinking and questioning…..that is not an easy thing to do for most.

    I have come to the conclusion that serious theosophical students are advancing ahead of their race and perhaps even in our future lives we may have some kind of “conditioned and fabricated lies” to deal with.

    Gary Barnhart


  3. The Historical Jesus of the Future

    To lend a critical perspective of the literal, literary, and theological Jesus is very important, as it unlocks the mystery of Christ, which interpretation has been, for the most part, left to dogmatic Church ideology. The mistake that the Roman and Reformed Church’s have made was in making the character Jesus Christ fit into a historical time frame with out any actual evidence of the fact. A direct cognitive disconnect for any thinking person and a must challenged blind spot for the most faithful to get beyond as a faith based dogma has become the norm for a “believer” to be delivered, only to be saved from one form of slavery to another. Without the actual historical evidence needed, one is indeed holding the bag for an outside agency to provide the basis for what a person must believe without really knowing (Blind Faith).
    The Gnostics had a different idea, but as we know they were derided by the Orthodox Patristic Clergy and censored. I think the Church will one day, in all honesty, have to incorporate the new findings of the Nag Hammadi and Dead Sea Scrolls texts into their canon, as well as, any new findings as yet to be excavated and unearth. A revelation of the truest kind and the only way to secure the future of Christianity as a True Religion that people can freely experience and except, based not only on faith but on intelligent inquiry and expression, one that makes “faith the substance of things hope for”. Its’ the multi colored array given by the lost texts along with the Canonical that makes Christianity what it really is supposed to be, a composition of many peoples experience of the divine Christos. One of which they related their faith by the myths and tales of their own time and perspective. This inclusion ultimately unifying and harmonizing all the different sects of the Christian movement, weaving a tapestry with a wide range of expression for understanding a very important teaching, from which a faith rich in truth cannot be denied.


  4. Jesus and his tribe! See previous article Sacred Tribe of Heroes:

    “For there is indeed in the terrestrial abode the sacred tribe of heroes who pay attention to mankind, and who are able to give them assistance even in the smallest concerns. . . . This heroic tribe is, as it were, a colony from the gods established here in order that this terrene abode may not be left destitute of a better nature.”


  5. Reading this was like having a long, cool, drink, of water in a desert…so satisfying to hear these particular unvarnished truths over and over in as many ways as possible, we are so inundated with “gloss”…I am grateful, thank you….and it’s great to know that when I am still here doing my best to work it out, Jesus will still be on the Mainline!


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